“What are the best skills for a fresher to have to get an IT job?” 

“What expertise do IT firms look for in new graduates?” 

“What are the most in-demand job skills to succeed in  the IT field?”

If these questions are running through your mind, keep reading!

With the level of competition increasing in the IT sector, recruiters now have a greater number of options when hiring candidates for entry-level positions. They have a huge talent pool to choose from, making it harder for you to get noticed, impress and land a job!. So what skills do you need as an applicant to stand out from the rest? 

When talking about skills, you can broadly divide them into two i.e. Hard skills and soft skills. 

Difference between hard skills and soft skills

Hard skills are the ones that are specific to the job role that you’re applying for. These are acquired through a degree,  diploma course or are taught during your training period at the company. 

Soft skills are the skills that determine how well you’ll be able to fit into the company and adapt to its culture. These skills will help you stand out from the crowd.

The following are the best skills for freshers that IT firms find most valuable but have a hard time finding 一 

  1. Communication skills

No matter what field you work in, recruiters value communication skills. These skills are assessed based on how well you convey and receive information, engage with others and even deal with difficulties like potential workplace conflicts. Among these, the most important one is being able to ask effective questions to gain more information. Recruiters always steer clear of candidates who hesitate to ask questions. So, as a fresher, don’t wait around till the last minute to ask questions to clarify doubts. Speak up and always let them know if you don’t understand what’s being said.

  1. Organization skills:

IT work often necessitates a great deal of multitasking. Hence, the ability to organise, track, and prioritise tasks will be extremely valuable to a company. By being able to properly manage your time and work towards fulfilling deadlines without much delay, you will make your recruiter’s and team leader’s jobs easier. 

  1. Flexibility:

As an employee, you must be flexible with the demands of your role. IT professionals are frequently confronted with setbacks or sudden changes, which might range from technical difficulties with projects to last-minute client concerns. You must learn to be flexible, accept changes and look for innovative answers right away. Besides being willing to take on last-minute work, flexibility is also assessed by how well you can manage work in different schedules. So, be optimistic and react proactively to anything that is thrown at you. 

  1. Analytical abilities:

IT jobs need a high level of analytical skills. You should be able to think critically, analyze data, make difficult decisions, and solve complex problems. These essential skill sets all entail taking in new information and processing it effectively. Your analytical abilities will reflect through your ability to brainstorm, troubleshoot and solve problems. 

  1. Adaptability:

Adaptability is extremely important. Whether you’re trying to jumpstart your career or switching careers, you’ll definitely run into challenges. Companies seek personnel who can quickly adjust and adapt to shifting circumstances. 

Adapt to the learning curve, do your own research, create presentations and never back away from asking questions that you may have about the company or the work you’re expected to do. 

Having said that, experience also plays a factor in getting you the job for which you’re applying. Working on real projects, interning with professionals and doing efficient project work gives you an upper hand when you apply for your first job. To do this, you need to start when you’re in college as a part of your extracurricular learning. Institutes like Skill House in Mangalore are a good place to start. Especially for Freshers applying for software jobs, these institutes provide the opportunity to work on LIVE projects and hands-on exercises to build skills and a strong resume. 

About Skill House

Skill House is a virtual learning space that offers coaching by industry experts working at multinational companies. From online classes for coding, apprenticeship to placement opportunities, Skill House has the whole package ready for you. Register now and build a strong skill set at Skill House! 

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