Both organisations and individuals benefit from certifications. Period.

Picking up new skills, by doing courses with certifications, during and also after your graduation can be highly beneficial. It can you advance in your professions more efficiently, particularly in highly specialised fields like human resources, accounting, and information technology. While not all certifications are created equal, when combined with a professional degree or job experience, they provide proof of professional competency.

Before we get into the merits of it, let’s clearly understand what a certification course entails. 

What are certification courses? 

Professional certification courses are intended to provide specific skill-based training and are not intended to replace validated degree work, but rather to enhance your education or work experience in your industry. These certification courses take six months to one year, however, some certificate courses can last even up to 1.5 or two years, depending on the course.

How are certification courses different from certificate courses? 

Certification courses have an assessment process and typically require experience whereas certificate courses are simply an educational process. Certificate courses can be added to your resume but with certification courses, you acquire a new designation that you can use after your name. 

Now that we’ve cleared that up, carefully choose which certification is best for you and where you want to spend your hours. 

Benefits of doing certification courses 

Besides earning a designation to add to your name, the following are some of the many perks you can get by doing a certification course.

  1. Increase your earning potential 

Your earning potential will improve if you are professionally accredited in various talents/skills in your field. Not only will you get hired for a higher position with a higher starting salary, but you can also expect better raises and bonuses in the future. So keep up with your certification renewals and new developments in your industry.

  1. Gain competitive advantage 

You will be ahead of your peers if you have a done certification course relevant to your subject of study. This is particularly the case if you are seeking employment opportunities. Hiring managers are always on the lookout for candidates who are up to date in their fields of expertise. In other words, you will be given preference over candidates who lack certifications.

  1. Boost knowledge and skills 

Keeping up with emerging industry trends and technology will allow you to easily integrate new methods and processes into your workflow. You can expect to be more productive while also improving the quality of your work and processes to dramatically boost your worth.

  1. Networking 

Certification is also a great way to get involved in various communities. Individuals can profit from certification as it allows them to interact with two new communities. One of them consists of those who are attempting to obtain the certification and the other includes Certified professionals. As a result, you’ll have a better probability of networking.

  1. Establish professional credibility 

If you want to work as an independent contractor/consultant, note that an increasing number of firms, non-profits, and government organisations prefer to hire those who have certain qualifications from recognised programmes. Certification displays your dedication to excel in professionalism and conform to industry standards. These qualities can help you gain a professional reputation and prestige within your own network, with your current clients, and when looking for new business/projects.

If you’re an IT graduate or an engineering student looking for ways to advance your career path, the following are some excellent certification courses you can look into. 

Highly sought after certification courses for engineering students  

The following are some of the more popular software certification courses in India that’ll give you a broader range of career opportunities. 

  1. Full-stack development course: 

These courses teach you to develop the server software for both the client-end and server-end. Because of its rapid growth year after year, it is regarded as the best software development course for freshers.

  1. Internet of Things course: 

 Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects or “things” that are implanted with sensors, software, and other technologies in order to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. In 2022, a certificate in IoT will provide you with immense career opportunities. 

  1. UI/UX web development course: 

UI/UX development is a popular software development course in India today that focuses on web page design. Microsoft, TCS, Wipro, and IBM are among the leading recruiters of these developers with this skill. As an IT fresher, you can expect to earn around Rs. 6 lakhs per year with this certification.

  1. AWS (Amazon Web Services) course: 

By demonstrating cloud competence with an industry-recognized credential, AWS Certification helps individuals gain credibility and confidence. It also enables experienced individuals to get several types of AWS certificates based on their abilities.

  1. Data science course: 

Data science is a combination of mathematics, business acumen, tools, algorithms, and machine learning approaches that aid in the discovery of hidden insights or patterns in raw data that can be used in the formulation of key business decisions. It is a fast growing field and a certification course in this area will definitely take you to a lot of places. 

Ultimately, there are several available certification courses that can give you numerous skills and expertise while also assisting you in your career progression. Whether you’re a fresher or a seasoned industry veteran, the above-mentioned courses have a lot of room for growth in the future, and you should absolutely consider enrolling in a couple of them.

If you’re interested in doing a full-stack development course, check out Skill House! Here you get the chance to hone your talents with guidance from qualified professionals currently working at multinational companies. You will also get to work on real-time projects and understand the workings of a professional environment. Register now and get certified as a full-stack developer!  

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