Uncover how Nikhil could secure a bright future with just a few hours of daily dedication, fun assignments, and engaging classes over the course of three months!

Meet Nikhil… 

A young IT enthusiast, whose interest in programming drove him to pursue a professional degree in computer science. As a student of Srinivas Institute of Technology, he learnt several concepts of computer applications and related technologies. However, he felt that there was something amiss. 

He knew that to make an impact in this ever-evolving IT sector, he needed to broaden his skill-set; learn current concepts, work on real projects and experience challenges that industry professionals face on a daily basis. 

Hence during his final year of B.E in computer science, he decided to look for online programming courses in India, to widen his knowledge and gain more experience. 

How Nikhil discovered Skillhouse 

Nikhil wanted to add Angular and Dot Net to his skillset while simultaneously getting expert guidance from industry professionals. On the hunt to find the best online coding classes, he came across Skillhouse, and that’s when it all fell into place. 

Skill House offered a course that taught Full-Stack Web Development with Angular and also provided a professional mentor to help guide students through all the tasks assigned during the projects.

Nikhil’s Time at Skillhouse 

Nikhil enrolled in the Angular Fullstack course at skill house, which included C#, Dot Net, Web API, and SQL Server. He had an hour of learning scheduled five days a week. By committing to this timetable, he was able to pick up a slew of new skills and familiarise himself with a variety of programming languages and frameworks under the tutelage of Mr. Madhav Dongre. 

“It was easier to ask questions and get answers because there were only 6 students in a session (the maximum allowed) and Mr. Madhav Dongre, who instructed us, was very friendly”

  • Nikhil 

In addition to online classes, Mr. Madhav Dongre also provided daily tasks on C#, API, and Angular. Furthermore, the students mentored by Mr. Madhav Dongre, also

  • Worked on projects on Angular, ASP.NET Web API and SQL Server
  • Followed Agile practices while working on the project
  • Used Azure DevOps for CI/CD processes and Git for Code Repository
  • Were a part of ‘code review’ using Azure DevOps and Pull Requests

“These daily lessons and assignments helped us learn concepts slowly but effectively”

  • Nikhil 

Since Nikhil only knew basic programming skills such as C and C+, submitting daily assignments was challenging. However, with dedication and consistent support from his mentor, he was able to quickly learn new concepts and apply them effectively. 

Life after Skillhouse 

After the three months of vigorous training, assignments, and tests, Nikhil could confidently claim to have a thorough understanding of technologies such as Javascript, Typescript, C#, Dot Net, Web API and Angular. He understood Agile practices, CI/CD processes, Git usage and Pull Requests and was also proficient with tools such as Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, etc. 

He was also able to attend the C# hackathon and receive multiple placement interviews from Skill House partner companies.

Nikhil is currently interning with Aykan in addition to his academics and is expected to start as a full-time employee with a 5 LPA salary from January 2023, immediately after his graduation.

“ While we were still pursuing our engineering degrees, real-time project execution helped us get acquainted with the enormous codebase and offered us an exciting experience of working as a team.”

  • Nikhil 

There are several other dedicated students like Nikhil who could reach their dream jobs with the help of Skill house. We offer one of the best online programming courses with certificates and placement opportunities: register now and get placed in companies of your choice! 

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