Planning on going full stack Angular this 2022? From fundamentals to portfolio一 keep reading to find out how to become a full stack developer! 

It is no surprise that mobile and web developers are in high demand across the world. In this regard, mastering a specific programming language, framework or platform will help boost your market value if you want to become a software developer. Angular is one such programming platform preferred by programming platforms across the web.

In this article, we will focus on Angular, its definition, uses and most importantly, how to become a full stack Angular developer. 

What is Angular? 

Angular is a free, open-source framework for developing web applications that are based on TypeScript. In other words, it is a web application development platform that contains a component-based framework, a collection of well-integrated libraries, and a set of developer tools for building scalable online applications.

What does an Angular developer do? 

An Angular developer is a software developer who specialises in creating single-page applications using the Angular framework and platform. TypeScript and HTML are the most common languages used in these single-page applications which developers use to create applications on Angular.

An Angular developer’s main responsibility is to construct applications compatible with both mobiles and desktops. They also collaborate with visual designers to create user-friendly front-end software. 

Following the development of a cross-platform project, Angular developers are also responsible for optimising performance and maintaining the app over time. 

Roadmap to become a full stack developer

The ideal Angular developer possesses a diverse set of relevant talents. Employers seek people who exhibit competence and knowledge and to do so, achieving the following steps are a must. 

  1. Fundamentals of Angular:

The most important and the most obvious, without a thorough understanding of the Angular framework, you can’t be an effective Angular developer. An Angular application’s architecture is based on a few fundamental concepts. Before you begin coding in Angular, you must first master these foundations.

Forms, modules, components, and services are required in almost every Angular application. When you understand how to combine and integrate these elements, you’ll be able to create full-featured functional applications. This will help you build a strong basis for future learning and implement complex solutions for new Angular-based programming issues.

  1. Practice code: 

Practice is the best way to improve your Angular coding skills. Many Angular programming classes are available, either in a physical learning institution like a college or university or through online courses like the one offered by Skillhouse. By enrolling in these classes you’ll be able to work on plenty of projects and assignments to practice and develop your skills. 

Start writing codes using whatever you’ve studied on your own. Trying to build something with a new tool and then learning via trial and error is the greatest approach to gaining familiarity with it.

  1. Join a community:

Joining an online community is a great way to make business contacts, learn important tips, and become familiar with Angular best practices. There are countless online communities dedicated to Angular and everything about it. You can read blogs, watch videos, and listen to podcasts as well.

The goal is to determine your level of ability, as well as your strengths and shortcomings. You can use communities to exchange ideas on app development and display your codes to your community to get feedback on different ways you can improve. 

  1. Personal portfolio 

A portfolio or an internship is essential for showcasing your skills and expertise in order to land an Angular developer job. To get your first professional task/job, use apps, software or even simple codes that you’ve built as your portfolio.

By achieving these simple milestones on the road to becoming a full stack developer, you can successfully land your dream job and secure a bright future. If you’re having trouble reaching these goals, Skillhouse can help! 

Skillhouse is an online learning platform that connects engineering students with leading industry specialists. We offer placement preparation courses for those who are interested in full stack web development with Angular and/or React. 

During this 3-month course, we assist students in acquiring technical skills through live projects and assessments to help them become the best in their field. 

Achieve all the milestones mentioned above with ease at Skillhouse. Register now! 

Frequently asked questions 

Who is a full stack web developer? 

A full-stack developer is a web developer who works on both the front- and back-ends of a website or application, which means that they can work on projects involving databases, APIs, user interface websites and even work with customers during the planning phase of projects. 

What is the difference between full stack developer vs web developer?

Full-stack developers are those who have complete knowledge and expertise in front-end and back-end development. Web developers are experienced in either front end or back end. 

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