Trying to figure out how to become an ASP.NET Web API developer without any prior skills, experience or knowledge? We’ve got you covered! 

To help you kickstart your career and land profiting ASP.NET Web API jobs, we’ve compiled all the details of how to become an ASP.NET developer 一 from courses and concepts to roles and responsibilities. 

However, before we get into what you need to learn and do to become an ASP.NET developer, let’s understand what the term means. 

What is ASP.NET Web API?

Web API is an application programming interface that can be accessed over the web using the HTTP protocol. It’s a framework for creating and developing HTTP-based RESTFUL services. Different technologies, such as java, ASP.NET, and others, can be used to create the web API.

Active Server Pages.NET is abbreviated as ASP.NET. It’s primarily used to make web pages and web technologies. It is a critical tool for developers who want to create dynamic web pages with languages like C# and Visual Basic. 

The ASP.NET Web API framework aids in the development of services by making it simple to reach a wide range of customers, including browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. With the help of ASP.NET, you can create web pages and APIs using the same framework and patterns.

Becoming an ASP.NET Web API Developer 

Given below are some of the essential steps to becoming a developer who can confidently apply to ASP.NET Web API jobs.

  1. Learn the basics 

It is impossible to proceed without first mastering the basics. You’ll need to learn the C# programming language to become a DOTNET developer. C# is the programming language that all DOTNET programmers use. They use it as one of their preferred languages. Furthermore, it is regarded as the most user-friendly and expressive programming language. Besides C#, some of the other pre-requisites that you are required to learn are 一 

  • .NET 6
  • Entity Framework/Dapper/NHibernate
  • SQL Fundamentals

These might seem overwhelming but with the help of the right ASP.NET, Web API course like the one offered by Skill-House, picking up these concepts will be a piece of cake! 

  1. Select a specialty 

The.NET platform makes it easier to create apps for mobile, desktop, online, and gaming platforms that incorporate machine learning and Cloud computing features. However, learning everything in one go is just not possible. Hence, you must pursue your interest and concentrate on mastering your desired platform. You can’t be a.NET developer without deciding on a development path. 

  • If you’re new to web programming, you can start by working with ASP.NET Core, MVC.API, and Blazor. 
  • You can use Microsoft Azure for cloud development. 
  • You’ll need Docker and.NET Core to operate with Microservices. 
  • You’ll be working with MonoGame, Unity, or CRYENGINE when it comes to gaming. 
  • You would use Apache Spark, ML.NET, Cognitive Services, or Azure Machine Learning for Machine Learning
  1. Learn web development 

Since we are talking about becoming an  ASP.NET Web API Developer in this article, you will need to learn web development. In fact, the majority of people who want to learn to code in ASP.NET want to learn web development.  It is necessary to learn ASP.NET Core in order to create web-based apps on the.NET platform. This is due to the fact that it is the cross-platform and web technology of the future. ASP.NET developers are typically able to work on WebAPI and MVC-based web applications. MVC-based online applications have become obsolete in recent years as all web pages are reloaded as you go across the website. WebAPI-based applications, on the other hand, are commonly used with SPAs (Single Page Applications) such as React or Angular. There will be no reloading of pages when using these types of apps. Hence they must be familiar with WebAPI and MVC.

  1. Picking up additional skills 

Once you have your basics and specialty set in stone, you will need to pick up additional skills. Mastering these additional skills will make you proficient in ASP.NET, giving you a better shot at landing a successful career opportunity. The following are some additional concepts to master in order to become an ASP.NET developer:

  • NuGet Packages
  • Pipeline for CI/CD
  • Azure Services
  • Visual Studio

We hope that this blog was able to give you a run down of the path you must walk to become a proficient ASP.NET Web API developer. There is a wide spectrum of technologies and directions you can choose from in this area of study. And now that ASP.NET and C# are no longer only Windows-based but also compatible with Linux servers, you won’t need to pay for expensive Windows hosting services to run your.NET applications. Hence, as an ASP.NET developer, you’ll have access to a variety of job options and a wealth of technical knowledge.

Roles you need to be prepared to take on as an ASP.NET Developer 

As an ASP.NET developer, there will be much expected from you. Listed below are some of the typical roles and responsibilities that you will be required to take on as an ASP.NET developer. 

  • Code generation using.NET languages (C#, VB.NET)
  • Creating text-based applications and putting them through their paces on.NET applications.
  • Upgrading, building up and debugging existing systems
  • Risk estimation
  • Creating procedure and policy documents in order to carry out applications
  • Revise, update, and debug code
  • Technical assistance for desktop, online, and mobile apps
  • Collaborating with internal teams to create software architecture and design
  • Documentation during the software development life cycle (SDLC)

In conclusion, be sure to apply everything you’ve learned practically without fail. This way you can get an estimation of how well you’ve understood the concepts. If you need help understanding and applying these concepts, there are several online ASP .NET Web API courses to help you do so. One such course is offered by SKIll-House. 

About Skill-House 

Skill-House offers online training programs that help you master tools like HTML, ReactJS, server-side technologies, client-side technologies JavaScript fundamentals, C#, DotNet, ASP.NET, and more! The sessions will be conducted live by MNC professionals who will help you work on real-time projects as you learn new concepts. In just 3-months you can learn skills theoretically and practically while also preparing for placements offered by skill-House partners. 
Register now and master all the skills you need with ease and confidence!

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