Engineering is one of the most in-demand professions today. To keep ahead of the game one must excel in a mix of hard skills and soft skills. Your soft skills are evaluated through your communication ability and behaviour during the interview, while hard skills are evaluated through technical assessments. 

Technical interviews are an important part of any workplace, particularly in the IT industry. It is conducted to evaluate your hard skills, i.e. your conceptual knowledge and how you can apply those to the position you’re applying for. Hence,  freshers must focus on honing their hard skills through online classes for coding, projects, and internships in order to gain valuable technical knowledge and stand out during these interviews. 

In this article, we’ll go over the most common types of technical interview questions for freshers to help you prepare.

Most often technical interview questions are asked in a multiple-choice format, but you should also expect problem-solving, coding-scenario questions, fill in the blanks and true or false formats.

The 4 types of technical round questions include 一 

  1. Questions on technical knowledge

Various sorts of technical evaluations are used to assess the skills needed to do the job you’re applying for. Java online test, C++ programming test, and Python online test are only a few examples of typical technical assessments. These tests are used to determine your theoretical and practical knowledge of programming, developing, testing, and debugging.

  1. Questions on technical experience

This section of the technical interview questions for freshers is based on internships or project work experience. It is the most essential part of an interview. Prepare to go into great detail about the nitty-gritty of systems development, programming, and/or security in your responses. You can also highlight your ability to swiftly pick up new systems by providing examples of times when you have done so in the past.

  1. Situation based questions

These tests show how well you can apply coding and other technical skills in a variety of work situations. Situational questions assess your problem-solving abilities by having you respond to and address hypothetical working scenarios. Employers want to know if you’ve thought about the difficulties you’ll have at their organisation and if you’ll be able to deal with them when they arise.

  1. Questions about education

Education-based questions are not just about your secondary education at technical colleges or universities. Your employer will be curious about extracurriculars you’ve done during your training. This could include relevant coursework, scholarships, project works, internships, etc. Describe all your works and achievements in detail and also mention the technologies you mastered in order to accomplish them.

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