Web API is a type of programming interface/application that allows software applications to communicate or interact with one another. Web API is often used to offer a data access interface for websites and client applications and to retrieve and save data from databases. Web API in ASP.NET is a framework that makes it simple to create HTTP web services accessible to a wide range of clients, including browsers, mobile applications, desktop applications, and IOTs.

Let’s take a deeper dive into these subjects:

What is Web API in ASP.NET?

Web API is an upgraded form of a web application that provides services on many platforms such as laptops, mobile phones, and others.  All types of organizations now use the internet to grow their operations in the global market at a reasonable cost. The use of web API facilitates secure online information sharing and online transactions. They are popular because they do not require the installation of software on computers with operating systems.

Web API in ASP.NET is a framework that allows easy creation of HTPP services accessible to multiple use cases, like web browsers and smartphones. It is the ideal platform to build RESTful applications on the ASP.NET Web API framework.

Characteristics of Web API in ASP.NET

The ASP.NET Web API framework has a wide range of features including:

  • ASP.NET Web API is an excellent framework for developing RESTful services.
  • In addition to supporting the ASP.NET request/response pipeline, Web API in ASP.NET is built on top of ASP.NET.
  • The ASP.NET Web API translates HTTP verbs into method names.
  • The ASP.NET Web API offers a variety of response data formats. JSON, XML, and BSON format support is built-in.
  • Any web server that supports .NET 4.0+ and IIS can host the Web API in ASP.NET.
  • A new HTTP Client is included in the ASP.NET Web API framework to interface with the Web API server. HttpClient can be used in server-side ASP.MVC applications, Windows Form applications, Console applications, and other programs.

Advantages of Web API in ASP.NET

When it comes to advantages, the ASP.NET Web API framework provides a number of them for developers and end-users alike. Here are some of the key ones:

  • User experience plays a significant role in how quickly a business grows. A website will retain more users if they have a wonderful experience there. To accomplish this, you must:
  1. Take into account ASP.NET in order to build striking platform-agnostic websites.
  2. Take AJAX’s assistance whether you are building ASP.NET MVC or Web Forms sites. 
  • The Web API creates an app using AJAX, allowing you to create services that work on various entities.
  • Web API in ASP.NET makes it easier for developers to make apps that function on all browsers and devices. One can access HTTP capabilities including request/response orders, URIs, cache, document formatting, and more by using web APIs.
  • Web API in ASP.NET helps with the development of web programs with REST web services, as opposed to WCF services, which demand additional configuration settings for several devices.

ASP.NET in Web API at Skill-House

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By the end, you will have the confidence to create your own ASP.NET apps. You will learn about the repository pattern, relationships, and how to add authentication and authorization to your application in the second part.

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